Imitation Deuter Products

For a company that has existed for 113 years, Deuter has come a long way in the research and development of backpacks which provide the best comfort, fit and durability of use for the discerning users. Such development takes them to partnerships with mountaineers, climbers and mountain bikers to ensure that each backpack produced will bear the hallmarks of Deuter’s brand – one that is long-lasting and grows on you.

A well-made backpack will ensure that each trip you take would be as comfortable as possible – balanced load transfer, good backpack ventilation to minimise perspiration, thoughtful special fit for women, padded shoulder straps, superior fabrics, spring steel frame, lightweight  and stabiliser straps amongst others.   Using a poorly designed backpack increases the risks of shoulder chaffing and abrasion, back / spinal pain and fast wear and tear of the backpack.

Deuter backpacks have gained such popularity that many have sought to imitate and produce backpacks using the Deuter brand name. In this connection, these following models are not authorised Deuter products and neither are they produced by Deuter. Deuter does not provide their warranty to such products at all.

-Deuter FireWall
-Deuter Panther
-Deuter Hotshot
-Deuter Hydration
-Deuter Down Hill
-Deuter Marvel
-Deuter Terra
-Deuter Aspire
-Deuter Eiger
-Deuter Act Litte (compared to the original ACT Lite)
-Deuter Yark
-Deuter Yaiza
-Deuter Bigshot
-Deuter Cerratore
-Deuter Cross Air
-Deuter Air Traveller
-Deuter Firewall
-Deuter Electron
-Deuter Slingshot
-Deuter Fox 60+10L
-Deuter Futura 50+10 Vario (the original model is Futura Vario 50+10)
-Deuter Jester
-Deuter Traveller 75 15 or DT7515

There are also some Deuter models which uses the original model name such as Traveller, ACT Lite, Aircontact, Transalpine and Futura Vario but comes with non-existing volumes such as 100+20. If in doubt, feel free to drop us a note to verify the authenticity of a Deuter model.

Invest in an original backpack. It will do your shoulder and back / spine a world of good. At, we proudly proclaim that the Deuter products that we sell are “No Fakes. Only Originals.”

Below are some images of questionable “Deuter” backpacks.