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  • Lafuma Cinetik 11
    For small trails and fast sports practices, the Lafuma Cinetik 11L is a small volume pack in a feath..
    RM350.00 RM412.00
  • Lafuma Speedtrail 5
    Lafuma Speed Trail 5 is a backpack developed in collaboration with the Lafuma Team and focusi..
    RM385.00 RM455.00
  • Millet Aerial 28
    Millet Aerial 28 is a daypack from the established French mountaineering brand Millet is a well-vent..
    RM390.00 RM465.00
  • Millet Aerial 32
    It’s a breeze! Millet Aerial 32 is named after its ventilated back concept for alpine and fast..
    RM425.00 RM529.00
  • Millet Aerial 32 LD
    It’s a breeze! The Millet Aerial 32 LD (lady) is named after its ventilated back concept for a..
    RM425.00 RM529.00
  • Millet Cliff Org 32
    The outside is cleanly designed: The top has a recessed area and buckle to nestle a rope with two si..
    RM360.00 RM429.00
  • Millet Eiger 20 + 5
    Millet Eiger 20 + 5 is an innovative ski-touring backpack that breaks the rules with its technical f..
    RM450.00 RM529.00
  • Millet Respiration 30
    Millet Respiration 30 suitable for fast walking, sports hiking and rapid height change in mountains...
    RM400.00 RM476.00
  • Deuter Ac Lite 22 SL
    They’ve become more – and they’ve become more attractive. Deuter Ac Lite 22 SL&nbs..
    RM320.00 RM409.00
  • Deuter Ac Lite 26
    Deuter Ac Lite 16 is a sporty, lightweight and compact daypack featuring many clever details and the..
    RM340.00 RM429.00
  • Deuter ACT Trail 22 SL
    The Deuter ACT Trail 22 SL is a full-contact hiking packs that already won over many fans, due to th..
    RM400.00 RM499.00
  • Deuter ACT Trail 24
    With its sleek profile, convenient access features and fit-enhancing suspension system, the Deuter A..
    RM410.00 RM509.00
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