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  • Gregory Stout 45
    Moving quickly is key when you have double-digit mileage to cover before you hit camp, and too m..
    RM630.00 RM719.00
  • Gregory Stout 65
    At home anywhere your own two feet can take you, the Gregory Stout 65 hits the mark for capacity..
    RM765.00 RM869.00
  • Gregory Stout 75
    The Stout 75 offers the capacity to support classic hikes in revered locations like Yosemite and..
    RM780.00 RM889.00
  • Millet Khumbu 35
    Millet Khumbu 35 is suitable for backpacking and adventure : rugged, functional, comfortable. Detai..
    RM590.00 RM699.00
  • Millet Ubic 40
    During its development, Millet Ubic 40 was tested by the mountain leaders of the Chamonix Guides Com..
    RM560.00 RM699.00
  • Millet Ubic 40 LD
    Product manager Michèle has decided to pamper the ladies with this women-specific pack. &ldqu..
    RM560.00 RM699.00
  • Millet Ubic 50 + 10 LD
    Ladies, take note: Millet Ubic 50 + 10 LD is one superb backpack! Its features make it suitable for ..
    RM700.00 RM826.00
  • Osprey Eja 38
    The smallest of the new women's-specific Eja Series, the Osprey Eja 38 excels at overnigh..
    RM690.00 RM810.00
  • Osprey Eja 48
    The new women's specific Osprey Eja 48 splits the difference between the 58's thru-hiking ..
    RM740.00 RM864.00
  • Osprey Exos 38
    The smallest of the newly updated Exos Series, the Osprey Exos 38L excels at overnight and weekend..
    RM690.00 RM810.00
  • Osprey Exos 48
    The Exos 48 splits the difference between the 58's thru-hiking prowess and the 38's ninj..
    RM740.00 RM864.00
  • Osprey Kestrel 48
    **Please contact us or message us directly in facebook for color choice availa..
    RM765.00 RM873.00
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