Type of Deuter backpack system

It is important to make sure a backpack is used for the correct sport as well as fit your body properly.

Hence, we would like to present a comprehensive guide on Deuter backpack system in this article so that you could have a better understanding on different type of Deuter backpack system and find out which one is more suitable to you

Deuter are focus on three key factors when they building a backpack:

  1. FIT

Their backpack system are designed to fit the average athletic build.

However, since not everyone fits the norm, Deuter have come out 2 different fit other than “STANDARD FIT” simply known as SL-Collection (Women’s fit) and EL-Series (Extra-long series).

SL Women’s fit

1.)Narrower shoulder straps: The SL shoulder straps are both narrower and shorter in length in order to provide a perfect anatomic fit around the upper body. Besides, SL shoulder traps are set close together. Thus, they stay in place and do not slip off the shoulder.

2.) A slightly shorter back: (because of longer legs and shorter height, generally) A key comfrot factor since only the right back length can guarantee the optimum fit of the shoulder straps and waist belt.

3.) Conical shaped hip belt: The SL waist belt anchor points are set close together and are slightly curvedd angling diagonally upward. Preshaped fins so that the fastened hip belt has a conical shape delivering a customised fit.

4.) More sensitive chest: S shaped SL shoulder straps and softly lined edges on both sides. The SL construction curves around sensitive areas and stays in place.

Deuter’s SL backpacks are designed to fit the average athletic female build. However, since not everyone fits the norm it is likely that standard models also fit female user perfectly well – and vice versa: SL models fit men. Find out our SL product here  Deuter SL Women Fit


The more volume a backpack has, the more important is a carrying system. Answer below diagram question in order to find the proper fit for yourself


Other than different fitting, Deuter has developed different systems specifically adapted to the various sports and their specific demands. All of the systems provide highly efficient back ventilation and a fresh climate.

Hiking; Deuter Aircomfort System


1.) Day hikes

2.) Multi-day hike

Key features:

1.) Ventilated mesh back: 25% less sweating helps saving energy

2.) Optimised comfort regarding carrying properties and features

3.) Attachment system for poles, and external pockets

The maximum ventilation achieved by the Aircomfort mesh construction significantly reduce heat build. According to findings from the acclaimed Hohenstein Institute optimal back ventilation reduces moisture loss by up to 25%. Feel free to have a look our Deuter Aircomfort Series

Trekking; Deuter Aircontact System


1.) Long distance treks

2.) Trekking, backpack travelling

Key features:

1.) Load transfer: snug fit with internal frame for medium to heavy loads.

2.) Separate compartments also evenly distributed the load.

3.) Superior material and construction that last a lifetime.

Up to 15% less sweating as with a standard compact back system (proven in tests conducted by Gabriel L. &T and the University of Erlangen) combined with outstanding load transfer and a secure, perfectly balanced fit. Do check out our Deuter Aircontact Series product!

Bike; Deuter Airstripes System

Sports:1.) Mountaineering climbing

2.) Ski, Snowboard, and snowshoe trips

Key features:1.) Tight fit: close and secure fit in any cycling situation

2.) Airstripes channel promote free air circulation up to 80% of the back

3.) Compact shape to guarantee full freedom also movement for helmet

The minimal contact surface area of the profiled Airstripes allows free air circulation over 80% of the rider’s back, while still providing a secure, compact fit even on rough ride. Interest in  Deuter Bike backpack? Check it out!

Alpine; Deuter Alpine Back System


1.) Short rides marathon

2.) Day/Multi-day rides

Key features:

1.) Compact fit: secure, close fit for difficult terrains

2.) Attachment system for ice axe, skis, SOS label and other

3.) Focus on the lightweight essentials to save energy

The system combines a secure, compact fit with a top carrying performance and a comfortable ventilation between the two softstripe back pads. Press Deuter Alpine to have a look on these product!

The right backpack not only provides more comfort, but also safety. This is the reason that Deuter produces the right backpack for the respective use. You will need different packs for climbing, hiking, biking, trekking or other.

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**all information are refer and taken from www.deuter.com, Deuter catalog and deuter Workbook