In the circumstances, it is important that you ensure that the backpack that you carry do not exceed the permissible dimensions imposed by the airlines for otherwise, you’ll be required to have your backpack checked-in and stored in the cargo area. Though some airline crews may exercise discretion in allowing hand baggage / backpacks to be brought into the cabin despite exceeding the permissible dimensions, it must be remembered that the final decision lies with them.

For those flying with AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines or Firefly, the permissible dimensions for hand baggage is 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin. The permissible weight is 7kg for AirAsia, Firefly and Malaysia Airlines.

Most airports have a hand baggage test kit placed at check-in counters or at the entrance of departure halls. Do use these kits to ascertain whether your hand baggage / backpack conforms to the permissible dimensions.

If you do need to check-in your backpack, we strongly recommend that you use either the Cargo Bag Exp, Transport Cover, or Flight Cover 60 to secure and protect your backpack, belts, buckles and straps.

And by the way, please note that security items such as knives, nail clippers, blades, or any sharp and/or pointed objects must be removed from your hand baggage and packed in checked baggage. So, please don’t bring your camping survival knives or blades with your hand baggage to avoid any inconvenience when checking-in or boarding your flight.