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Deuter Speed Lite 32 is the new members of our lightweight family are real sprinters with an athletic fit on fast hikes or alpine tours. Neither superfluous weight nor useless falderal stand in the way of reaching the summit. The largest of the clan, the Speed Lite 32, is designed for multi-day adventures and weighs a mere 870 grams.


  • Lightweight – even less weight
  • Delrin Frame – Tensioned Delrin U Frame provides stability with little extra weight
  • Pockets On The Outside – Stretch pockets on the side and in the front provide additional storage
  • Padded Hip Belt – Additional padding to provides more carrying comfort
  • Sternum Strap – Stabilizes the pack on the shoulders
  • Valuables Pocket – On the inside of the pack to keep valuable items safe
  • Stretch Compartment – On the inside of the back to keep sweaty clothes
  • Sos Label – Provides important tips in case of emergency
  • Hydration Compartment – Compatible with Streamer up to 3.0 litres
  • Pole Attachment – Attachment loops for hiking poles or ice axe
  • Connectabe Compression Straps – Compression straps can be connected at the front of the pack to attach equipment
  • Safety Light Loop – Can be attached to the loop at the front of the pack
  • Load Adjustment Straps – To adjust and adapt the pack’s centre of gravity
  • Pull Forward Hip Fin – Allows an easy and precise adjustment
  • Shades Holder – Attachment for your sunglasses on the shoulder strap

Weight: 870 g
Volume: 32 litre
Size: 66 / 28 / 22 (H x W x D) cm
Material: Mini Check 100Ht | Dynajin 100 D Ht

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