Hypergear Waist Pouch Large V2

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The Hypergear Waist Pouch L V2 is a waterproof pouch with unique roll-top closure. It is a compact, versatile and well-designed pouch that is crying out for adventure seekers who need a water-resistant pouch to protect their belongings from physical damage and rain. The Waist Pouch L V2 also features a quick access outer compartment that allows user to have easier access to smaller items. With a strong and solid yet flexible padded strap, it is comfortable and easy to wear. You can either sling it across your shoulder or waist, or just adjust it in front of you to access to your belongings instantly without straining your body while on the go.


  • Suitable for outdoor activities 
  • Waterproof main compartment 
  • Floats safely if dropped into water 
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to store 
  • Quick access front compartment 
  • IPX6 Waterproof – protect against heavy water projection


Length 31.5cm x Height 18.5cm x Width 9.5cm

Weight 100 gram


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