Kovea X On Mini GAS Stove Black

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• Brand: Kovea
• Simple box-shaped design that matches anytime, anywhere
• It is practical because heat does not escape by designing the crater to be inside the  body height.
• In addition, it has a windproof effect, so there is less heat loss due to wind when used outdoors.
• Stainless steel top plate with high corrosion resistance and heat resistance is removable and easy to clean.
• It is stable with a low bowl stand and can be used up to 20cm in diameter cooking containers.
• It is convenient to install gas container with magnetic safety device governor (detachment and detachment using
magnetic force).
• When the pressure inside the gas container rises, the gas is automatically released so that it is safe in use.
• Size: 292 * 130 * 256 mm (inner box)
• Weight: 1.2 kg
• Gas consumption: 174g/h
• Ignition method: Piezoelectric automatic ignition
• Gas used: Liquefied butane gas (220g)
• Warranty: 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty
• What’s in the box: 1 x Kovea X On Mini GAS Stove Black

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 29.2 × 13.0 × 25.6 cm