Titiwangsa Mountain (Malay): Banjaran Titiwangsa also known as “Banjaran Besar by local. It is the mountain range that form the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia. The northen section of the range is in southern Thailand.

The range acts as a natural divider, dividing Peninsular Malaysia, as well as southernmost Thailand into east and west coast regions. Titiwangsa range is about 480km (length) from north to south and 120km (width).  Several popular tourist destinations such as Royal Belum, Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, and Fraser’s Hill are located in ths range.

Trans Titiwangsa V1/V2
Trans Titiwangsa, simply understand as expedition crossing Titiwangsa Range.

Trans Titiwangsa V1, is a climbing/hiking expedition involve the exploration of several mountain, known as Mountain Yong Belar, Mountain Korbu and Mountain Gayong.  (Mountain of G7, Malaysia)

V1, means route 1 or version 1. The route is named as V1 after the emergence of a new route connecting the four highest mountain. (Mountain Yong Yap, Mountain Korbu, Mountain Gayong, and Mountain Yong Belar) whereby known as Trans Titiwangsa V2.

Trans Titiwangsa V1 normally take around 7 days of expedition and Trans Titiwangsa V2 take around 9 days of expedition.

Tips and some checklist for your expedition of Trans Titiwangsa (Make sure you double confirm with your guide what would be provided before your expedition):

  1. Good quality of backpack, around 50-80 litre at least.
  2. Good quality of hiking shoes/ trail shoes.
  3. Make sure you have done simulation and training before your trips to Trans Titiwangsa
  4. Be prepare and aware that you are going to encounter a lot of              leeches, sand flies, mosquitos, and ants.
  5. waterproof bag for your gadget, rain coat, poncho, or waterproof jacket.
  6. trekking pole could be helpful for your multi day hike.
  7. water/water filter system
  8. food, a lot of snack, chocolate or energy bar
  9. First aid kit
  10. sun block/hat
  11. torch/headlamp
  12. tent/sleeping bag/cooking equipment.