Checklist for your hiking trip.
There were quite of number of fatal accidents happened in Malaysia Outdoor Community. Evidently, some of them were unavoidable; however some could be prevented.

Life itself entails a succession of risk. Nevertheless, safety always comes first. Make sure you plan your hiking, camping or trail running trips wisely and keep your family members, close friends, loved ones informed on your trips.

Be extra careful when you are in the trail especially hiking or walking on rocks or similarly close to the cliff. Make judgement for terrain or weather condition. Avoid dangerous behaviour such as taking shortcuts, behaving hastily or taking risk.

For people that are still new or not sure what kind of gear/thing to carry during your hiking trip. Here is a SIMPLE checklist for you.

Proper wear:
•Shoes with good profile and cushion
•Breathable and flexible clothe (light color for attention)

Water and food:
•Water and more water
•Light food such as: energy bar, chocolate, bread and other

Navigation and communication
•GPS or compass

•Raincoat, wind breaker
•Emergency blanket
•Insect repellent, sunscreen, vaseline

Safety Item
•Basic first aid kit (antiseptic, band aids, pain killer and other
•Pocket knife, or multi purpose tool

•A good quality backpack to ensure your comfortability during harsh environment and long journey

**You may refer to below infographic; (Mobile phone press here )