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Product Warranty

Deuter and Ospreypacks products sold by us are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship of the product save and except for the zippers which are wholly-excluded (Warranty period, term, and other brands, depend on the respective brand, please contact us if you need more information). This warranty does not cover the damage caused by extreme use, abuse, improper care, or the natural breakdown of material over time. If a product is deemed defective by, will repair or replace it at its absolute discretion which decision shall be final. Monetary refund or credit is not possible.

If damages are not covered under warranty but repairable, may be able to offer repair services. Charges for repairs will be figured at time of evaluation.

Depending on availability, can accommodate requests for spare parts.

All items returned to for warranty or repair service must be clean and free of odor.

Shipping and handling costs for any claim on warranty are wholly borne by the Customer.

**Please note that does not warrant or offer repair service on any products that are not sold and purchased from